Gift Box - Unisex (quilt)

Suitable for a baby boy or girl this newborn gift box contains the following 3 pieces: bib, quilt and breastfeeding cover
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Australian made
  • Limited edition
Patchwork in design, both the play mat size quilt and matching bib incorporate a colourful gender-neutral mix of spots, dots and circus prints. The quilt patchwork top is made up of 30 even square block pieces, each one carefully selected, cut, sewn and pressed. It is finished with machine quilting to enhance strength and longevity however the edges are binded by hand to ensure a beautiful, smooth finish. 

Play mat quilts (80 x 90cm) are made for play and tummy time. Spread on the floor and your baby has a clean, familiar surface to play wherever they go. Also delightful as a cot spread or wall hang in the nursery.

Bibs fasten with velcro for ease and quick use.

The breastfeeding cover is stylish and contemporary, mixing small amounts of aqua blue with various shades of brown. Even if breastfeeding isn't on the agenda, these covers can be used when bottle feeding and are a handy change mat or sunshade for over the pram.

Unique, practical and thoughtful, HOLLY JEAN gift boxes are a gorgeous present that will forever be remembered and treasured.

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